The new search engine for eBay is due to be launched in the UK in December. What does this mean for ecommerce? Essentially, it suggests that good-looking eBay templates now have more power than ever. Therefore, in the months leading up to the launch all ecommerce businesses should review their eBay store designs.

Already rolled out in the US, the new search engine named Cassini will probably be launched in the UK without anyone actually noticing. Therefore, e-commerce businesses that have shops on eBay should not worry. While it may sound threatening, the new search engine will still follow the same principles.

New Search: eBay Templates For Relevant Listings

The previous search engine, The Voyager, has been used since 2002 and improved a lot over the years. However, Cassini will take into consideration a lot more and will do a better job at meeting the current demands of its consumers. Built on the same principles as the previous search engine, which has been improved, Cassini will serve eBay shoppers as a priority. The new search engine will look into more data, so attractive and comprehensive eBay templates are a must if you want to stay competitive.

After all, eBay has access to a large amount of data and statistics. They have ways of finding out what consumers want, how they want it, and when they want it. eBay shops that have great designs ready will reap the benefits, so you should hurry up to stay ahead. Cassini has the power to make the good stores stand out, and clear out the ones that are trying to trick the system.

Conversion And Professional eBay Templates

Well made eBay templates look professional and trustworthy, which is why you should consider updating yours. The other point which needs to be addressed is your feedback, so make sure you provide your customers with excellent service. Also, provide products that offer great value for money. They don't have to be the cheapest products on the market, but rather great quality for an affordable price. Be wary of spam in your product descriptions, as wells as listing your products in the wrong categories, as the new search engine will notice it. Additionally, another essential aspect of your eBay store is convenience. Simplified shipping and the process of returns will also make your shop more attractive to users.

Professionally Designed eBay Templates Increase Conversion

The new eBay search engine will consider the stores at eBay in several aspects; however, your storefront, products and their descriptions are nonetheless important factors for your users. Make sure your shop looks professional and convenient. All of this and much more can be delivered with expertly designed eBay templates by E-Store Design.

Give your eBay store a redesign with the team of professional developers, programmers and designers to help you create an attractive eBay shop which attracts visitors and increases your conversion rate.

If you are up for a higher conversion rate on eBay, then give your shop a makeover. For more information on professionally designed eBay templates contact us by phone: 0845 050 2500 or visit our website:

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