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The biggest headache for a seller selling on eBay is being able to manage hundreds and thousands of products, reserve adequate stock, keep prices up to date and dispatch on time. Our HTML Generator can solve this headache by giving the seller full control of their product listings via one single interface. What makes our HTML Generator different?

  • Centralised product and ordering within the CMS (content management system); no need to log into eBay
  • Create Buy It Now listings on eBay directly from within the CMS (all eBay country sites)
  • Ability to create ad-hoc listings
  • Ability to create listing profiles for each product and then bulk list
  • Integrated product landing page template capability with product data merge
  • Ability to A/B split test eBay product listing pages
  • How does the HTML Generator work?
  • Create a profile for each product. The profile will include fields such as title, eBay category, quantity, price, shipping rules and costs

  • Once the profile has been created this profile can always be used – no need to keep re-entering the data
  • Bulk list your profiles onto eBay as items to sell
  • Within the CMS view the start and end of the item, quantity, 'buy it now price' and 'delivery'.

  • The profiles that have been sent up can be automatically merged with your eBay Store Design. There is no need to alter the design layouts

It's that easy to use! If you want more control, take a look at our Advanced HTML Generator, which adds order management tools that let you fully control your eBay selling.

“eStore Design built a professionally designed eBay store for Rocket Inks quickly and easily which will help build our brand awareness. Having a professional eBay store instills our customers with confidence that we are a safe company to buy from and this, in turn, generates increased sales and loyalty. eStore Design can help create your brand or work with your existing brand elements to develop a unique and well designed store which is vital to your company's success.”

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