The process of commissioning a new eBay store design is actually quite simple. eBay Store Design will read through your brief, checking the appearance of your competitors as well as any company branding you already have as well as looking at the products that you sell to determine an appropriate design for your main store page. Once your main store page designs are approved we then design your eBay Listings template.

If you are selling a wide variety of products you might want to consider asking for multiple eBay product listings page templates, to ensure that while your brand image is consistent, your pages are designed to appeal to the target audience.

Once both your shop design and listings templates have been approved eBay Store Design will upload the necessary files for your Store page and check that they are looking correct in eBay itself. We then provide you with the html file that you need to upload into each listing you create. If you decide to use our eBay Listing tool you can select a template for bulk and ad hoc listings.

That really is all you need to do. With a compelling design in place, that matches your brand image and is properly pitched to your target audience you should experience better customer engagement and because eBay Store Design, as part of the design process, ensure that the information you are placing on your store page is accurate and necessary you will also see the effects of better customer confidence in your business. This assurance and engagement will also help you when your customers find your ecommerce website, or see your product listings on Amazon or other channels, giving a great boost to your business across your cross channel ecommerce empire.

“I would like to thank you for great job and daily assistance. Very much appreciated your help and very fast reply to all my enquiries I hope to make business together again!”

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