If you own an eBay store but you're not using customised eBay Store Design, you're missing out on a wide range of opportunities. Even eBay say “Creating a professional-looking online Shop is vital to your success." If you're still unsure on if you should make the switch, here are five reasons why you should switch to a customised design.

1. Brand Identity
You want your page to be exactly that, YOUR PAGE. If customers can recognise your business at a glance, you're on your way to building an impressive customer base. Important key steps are; a unique great looking logo and customised eBay Store Design.

2. Customer Confidence
Having a high positive feedback percentage is not enough. You need to both act and look the part in order to inspire customer confidence. Anyone can create an eBay account and list an item for sale, so it's important to be seen as trustworthy. If you create a space that looks professional and also reflects the ethos of your business, customers will be more trusting and thus more likely to do purchase from you.

3. A Pleasant Shopping Experience
Ideally you want to give your customers a pleasant shopping experience. Customised store design can help with this. If customers can easily navigate fromitem to item by using categories, you can feed the 'impulse buy mindset' many people have when online shopping. According to uk.buisnessinsider “the vast majority (about 87%) of impulse buys are made from users navigating website categories". With customised eBay Store Design, you can have detailed categories that help your customer find the items that they are interested in.

4. Promotion
Many retail stores, both online and offline offer sales, free gifts and promotional bundles. The same applies for eBay stores. It's very important to push your brand and promotion is a great way to do that, but if you don't have a personalised space to speak from, you're not operating at your full potential.

5. Boost Your Sales
At the end of the day, you open an eBay store to sell items. A personalised eBay store is an ideal way of turning curious clicks into confident purchases. A poorly designed eBay store will lose sales to better designed stores. Make sure you stand out above the rest with a beautiful and user friendly eBay store.

Why Is eStore Design The Best?

We are a member of the Advansys group. A group of experts within cross channel eCommerce and search marketing. Within this group; we are specialists in eBay store design.

Any company that offers eBay store design must understand the eBay environment.

Here at eStore Design, all of our managers, designers and developers are all avid eBay users; we understand all the unique things that make eBay so special.

If you have any questions regarding customised eBay store design, perhaps a visit to our FAQ will answer some of your queries. Alternatively, if you're interested in any more information, please call our highly informed and dedicated team on 0118 380 0205.

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