Multichannel Ecommerce Management through a single interface

The concept of Cross Channel Ecommerce is not a new idea, in fact it is very easy to view it as the way Ecommerce Management was meant to be. The aim of Cross Channel Ecommerce is to provide you with a single customer view, a single interface from which you can manage all of your selling. You may know this concept as Multichannel Ecommerce, however the Cross Channel concept goes further and aims to have each selling channel, be it a dedicated ecommerce website, your mail or telephone order team, or marketplace like eBay or Amazon, feed back into a single order management and stock control system.

Single Customer View

This single interface gives you two advantages over traditional eCommerce:

Managing your product listings becomes far less time consuming and more fluid. Instead of producing a number of spreadsheets for later uploading via each channels import system you can simply assign products from a single catalogue to the appropriate channel. Updates are system handled without you needing to have further input. And:

Using a single database of products with a know stock figure means you can accurately assign product stock quantities intelligently and automatically. This solves a common problem with managing multiple channels separately in that stock can easily be over booked and lead to late deliveries and a customer relations nightmare. A Cross Channel CMS removes this possibility totally.

Brand Awareness is paramount

Cross Channel Ecommerce also takes into account the online marketing of your company and to make the best of the concept you should be aiming to present a unified brand across all of your selling channels, be it a branded eBay store, Consistent product presentation on Amazon and other marketplaces and a well designed eCommerce website. Brand awareness leads to Brand Loyalty, where customers will chose to buy from your store, even if your products are more expensive than equivalent products available elsewhere.

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