eBay has found its way through a great many international boundaries, acting as a direct sales channel for some of the central locations for product manufacture, for example the electronics industry of China and Hong Kong now has a direct connection to buyers in Europe and America, rather than being restricted to a limited number of importers.

The difficulty for these sellers is ensuring that their listings appear to be of a comparable quality to the importing companies selling the same product (usually at an inflated cost). There are a couple of simple actions that can be taken to create this quality impression that will certainly raise an international eBay store head and shoulders above other local suppliers and put that store in direct competition with the importing companies.

Make sure your eBay Listing uses the language correctly

A major difficulty for any international seller, and in fact one of the biggest complaints that buyers have of these stores is the language. If your product is Listed on eBay.co.uk or eBay.com, then it should be written in good English. This lesson should also be taken on board by English speaking sellers wishing to target the European market. Not only will ensuring your language is correct increase customer confidence in their purchase, it will also make your product more likely to be found in a listings search.

Be open about your eBay product delivery times

International delivery times are difficult to guarantee, so don't try. Using your customer feedback you can check that products arrive in good condition and how long it takes. Publishing this information on your eBay Shop home page (and in your listings) gives your customers the what they need to feel secure in your business, and also stops any negativity that may arise from long delivery times.

Apply an eBay store design that matches the selling location

Design sensibilities vary from country to country, what may be considered a beautifully targeted, eye catching store page design in America may seem overly complicated, difficult to read and self important to a European audience, so ensure that your store page, and listings designs are tailored to the target audience. The rewards will be far greater customer confidence, and in time customer loyalty as buyers lose their fear of placing orders internationally and embrace the savings international sellers can bring over imported products.

“I would just like to take this opportunity to write to you and thank eStore Design properly for the eBay web store you designed and produced for me. I am extremely happy with your excellent work in all aspects of the process and also your constant good communications with myself through the design process. I just wanted to say a big thank you and would be happy to recommend your work to anybody thinking of having their eBay store designed.”

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