In June 2017 active content on eBay on all listing across all devices will be disabled. In 2018 this policy will be extended to include eBay Store pages. This means that you need replace any uses of this content in your eBay listings. If you need any assistance regarding eBay active content, talk to the eBay design experts; E-Store Design. You can reach our team by calling 0845 050 3500.

What Is Active Content?

eBay active content includes a variety of third party applications, for example JavaScript, Flash, Plug-ins, and form actions. eBay active content can include many different functions, such as search tools for searching an eBay Store, links to a video, a gallery of images or even a live chat feature.

Why Is This Type Of Content Bad?

This type of content may be able to create many useful things such as asearch feature; however these applications can raise security vulnerabilities! This type of content isn't friendly in other aspects, such as JavaScript and poor load times or Flash not being mobile friendly.

If you use content that isn't mobile friendly in your eBay listings, you're missing out on opportunity! With more than half of all eBay transitions being viewed on a mobile device prior to purchasing, using a mobile friendly listing could help you to improve your sales!

Additionally, as eBay will eventually phase out the ability to use such content in your listings and eBay Store, you should remove and replace this content as soon as possible.

Can You Still Personalise An eBay Store?

Yes! You can still personalise your eBay Store, the only change is that you cannot include active content in your eBay store without it being blocked.

So What Can You Do?

If you're unsure how you can customise your eBay Store without using this content or if you do not know how to remove and replace this content from your eBay Store, it can be very beneficial to consult the expert advice of a skilled professional.

eBay Active Content Replacement From E-Store Design, The eBay Design Experts!

If you're searching for professional team of experts to remove the active content from your eBay Store, contact the experts at E-Store Design.

Our team of experts understand the differences between an eBay Store and an eCommerce website. They fully understand what makes the eBay platform unique; with the skills and knowledge required to achieve success on this online auction website.

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