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eBay Store Design

eBay is the most successful marketplace out there on the internet and instantly allows you access to thousands of potential buyers.

Increase Brand Awareness

  • If you already have an online ecommerce store it is essential that your eBay template reflects your brand identity so that your customers know exactly who you are and feel totally confident when purchasing from your eBay shop design

Its part of Cross Channel eCommerce

  • eBay forms an extra selling channel to your ecommerce activity and is a good starting point to get into Cross Channel Ecommerce

Increase Security

  • When you are selling online via an ecommerce solution you don’t always know if the customer is a genuine customer. The eBay online community does provide a level of security as the community attempts to weed out unscrupulous customers with its feedback and ID verification

Increase Credibility

  • When selling on eBay you are competing against thousands of other sellers. Stand out from the crowd by having a professional looking eBay store template

Customer Confidence

  • Enhance the customer experience and have the ability to upsell your products in a professional manner by having a professional ebay store design

Bigger Demographic

  • eBay has one of the largest user bases of any single internet company, chip into that customer base and increase your profits


  • Use your eBaystore to sell 'end of line' products or slightly damaged products like the bigger brands are executing or example Tesco, Argos, Republic and many more
eBay Store Design

Ebay Store Design - Sell more online!

  • Are you frustrated that you do not make as many online sales as you deserve to?

  • Are you struggling to retain customers and encourage repeat business?

  • Are you worried that you will have to slash your prices to compete with bargain basement sellers?

Then Store Express Marketplace Edition is for you!

Store Express Marketplace Edition combines a professional eBay Store Design and a high conversion Ecommerce Website to help you sell more online by reaching a wider audience.

A professional eBay Store Design increases customer trust, and could help you to sell more online by increasing sales by 35% . But why stop at just targeting eBay shoppers? With Store Express Marketplace Edition you can integrate your eBay store into the interface of your very own ecommerce website!

Our ecommerce solutions have been designed and developed to drive traffic and drive conversions. Get high volume traffic from Search Engines using our clever SEO tab features, and introduce your brand to new customers. Drive Traffic, Drive Conversions and Drive Sales - and reach a whole new target audience today!

The easy interface system allows you to manage orders from your eBay store and you online shop in one place - allowing you to keep track of orders and stock quantities across multiple sales locations. You can even integrate an Amazon store into your Marketplace Edition to reach out to even more customers and sell more online.

Whether you are an experienced eBay store user, or are new to selling online, Store Express Marketplace Edition is here to help you to sell more online by attracting new customers, encouraging customer retention and repeat business, and allowing you to do it all from one simple back-end solution.

Increase sales across multiple channels with an ecommerce solution from Store Express, including a professional eBay Store Design from E-Store-Design - we help you to sell more online!

Ebay Store Design - Sell more online!

What Is An Ebay Store Design?

Increase your traffic & boost your sale conversions with a professional eBay store design that stands out from the crowd. We have a team of graphic designers who are experts in creating high quality eBay storefront templates and product listing designs to instil customer confidence when buying from your eBay shop.

There are thousands of stores on eBay who are all looking to generate new business and increase sales and one of the ways to do this is by having a unique eBay Store Design that fits with your current branding (corporate identity). eBay is a price driven marketplace, but customers also want to feel they can trust the eBay store they are buying from.

Users of eBay are used to the way the stores are structured and built. They know how to find what they need and they know how to get to what they want straight away, therefore when designing an eBay store it is imperative that you follow these user expectations when it comes down to layout and structure. For example navigation for categories, by default, is always on the left hand side of the eBay store and typically a search feature is at the top of the store. Essentially, your eBay store is your shop front, so it’s got be right first time!

  • Contemporary design of your eBay storefront and eBay product pages
  • Simple to use store template
  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors
  • Instil customer confidence when ordering from your eBay store
  • Boost sale conversions
  • Increase customer retention
  • Opportunity to up sell and cross sell your products
  • Experienced designers in eBay store branding
  • 'About Me’ page to promote your online business as a single entity
  • Increase the return of investment for your online marketing budget
What Is An Ebay Store Design?

eBay Template Designs and the HTML Generator

The problem many sellers face when selling on eBay is the amount of time it takes to actually list all of their products. The reason being the eBay online interface is geared towards the casual seller rather than a serious seller who needs to be able to update thousands of listings very quickly. This task becomes even more tedious if you sell thousands of products across different categories and markets where you need to have different product templates.

With our eBay HTML generator you can update your listings via one single interface. By hooking directly into the eBay API the HTML generator allows the eBay Seller to create multiple items and manage the same listings across multiple eBay websites, for example,, etc etc.

 The Advansys HTML Generator can provide the following main features:

  • Manage multiple items and multiple lists across multiple eBay websites (international)
  • Set up items within eBay categories with a duration time
  • Specify the quantity and ‘buy it now price’
  • Specify Shipping and delivery rules (for example domestic or international)
  • Create and manage eBay design templates (merge products with your eBay Store Design)
  • Managing orders, payments and returns for your eBay store
  • Create an about us page for your eBay store
  • Generate a PDF invoice for the order with integrated labels at the bottom that you can print off & use for shipping
eBay Template Designs and the HTML Generator
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