E-marketers who achieve business success tend to sell on multiple channels, which allow them to reach more people. One of the most popular marketplaces is eBay, which offers you great opportunities and a larger audience of potential shoppers.

However, new stores and shops may find it more difficult. With an optimisation strategy and an attractive eBay shop design, you can increase your conversion rate. Take some time to create a proper strategy and you come one step closer to high volumes of traffic and more sales.

What do you need to know about eBay store optimisation? Essentially, it can be done in two ways profile optimisation and presence optimisation. Lets look into each of these in more detail, and what adjustments need to be made for maximum conversion.

eBay Shop Design And Profile Optimisation

When you carry out your eBay store profile optimisation, you should begin with adding the important information about your products. Each product description should be filled with relevant details about the items that you sell. All the details about the pricing, money-back guarantees, returns, shipping, replacement and instructions of how to use your product should be present in your product description.

Another important aspect is your eBay shop design. This should be simplistic and clear, which will help buyers to track the product that they need more easily. Your eBay store should be aimed at increasing your conversion rate, so make sure that you give clear directions, and make your store navigation simple.

When it comes to product titles, bear in mind that the number of characters in the list title is 55, which means that the description and product specification should be clear and concise. When you move on to your product description, note that it will attract more buyers if you break it up into several paragraphs or bullet points. A great addition to any product description is quality images and videos, which will further increase the appeal of your product.

What Is eBay Shop Presence Optimisation?

Essentially, you can also become more visible on eBay if you pay a fee to appear in the featured list. However, if your budget does not allow for additional expenses, you can also try out different techniques. These include posting your products in the three main formats which are auction style, store inventory and fixed price.

An attractive eBay store design that uses professional templates to list your products can contribute significantly to your conversion rates. A credible eBay presence begins with attention to detail, such as your store design, the templates used to list your products and the product descriptions.

E-Store-Design Provides High Conversion eBay Shop Designs

Here at E-Store-Design we specialise in traffic and conversion-boosting eBay shop designs that stand out from the crowd. Our team of skilled graphic designers can help you to create high-quality eBay templates, and a whole store design to instill trust and confidence in your shop.

With our eBay shop design solutions you will stand out from your competitors. Boost your conversion rate, increase your customer retention and achieve your e-retail business objectives with the team of professionals at E-Store-Design.

For more information on professional eBay shop design please email sales@e-store-design.co.uk or call us on 0845 050 250.

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