If you have an eBay store you probably already know the numerous benefits:

  • Customised web design
  • Promotion tools
  • Email marketing
  • Custom shop header
  • Reduced fees and etc.

Selling on eBay can be a very rewarding experience. 75 per cent sellers who transferred from regular selling to eBay store noticed an increase in their sales. However, how do you make your customers excited about your products? The best way to get shoppers attention is through a compelling eBay template design.

Why Free Templates Offered Online Don't Work

There are many free and easily downloadable template designs available for your eBay store. However, these won't say anything about your brand or do anything to compliment your products. It's unlikely that customers will notice you if you just blend in the other 5 million businesses online.

E-Store Design experts exceed in eBay template and store design and work towards ensuring your store not only attracts visitors but turns them into paying customers. You will be assisted every step of the way in creating your eBay store. Our experts will assist with:

  • customisation of your shop design,
  • increasing customer trust,
  • layouts,
  • product placement,
  • all aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO).

We are confident that our solutions will help you to achieve online success.

eBay Template Design To Attract More Customers

There are over 50,000 businesses registered on ebay.co.uk, so to stand out and attract more buyers you need a competitive edge. That's what an appealing template will give you.

So do you want to attract people who are ready to make a purchase? Do you want to increase your sales? Do you want your eBay shop represent your brand in a positive light? For more information please call: 0845 050 2500 or visit our website: www.e-store-design.co.uk.

Share your expectations and we will make them a reality.

6 Insider Tips To Help You Increase Your Sales

  • Product presentation. An eBay template design will compliment your products. However, your products need to be well presented in order for customers want to buy them. Include self explanatory photos and pictures of your item from different angles.
  • Up Sell. Include links to other similar items you sell. If you have an auction, include links of items that are not currently on sale.
  • Choose right keywords and make sure you are listed in the right category. Make sure your product descriptions include relevant keywords. For example, if you are selling purses, the headline should be e.g. ‚ÄúNavy Blue Designer Purse" or something similar.
  • Accept multiple payment methods.
  • Use catchy headlines and professionally describe your products.
  • Be informative. Include prices, shipping costs and estimated delivery dates. People want to know as much information about their purchase as possible.
  • Create an 'About Me' page. Reassure people that they can trust you and the quality of your products. Provide relevant information about your business.

Do you want more expert advice? For more information please call: 0845 050 2500 or visit our website: www.e-store-design.co.uk.

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