The world's leading marketplace, eBay, has recently released new improvements to the app for the iOS platform. From now on, iPhone and iPad users will be able to interact with the new mobile eBay template design which focuses on the enhancement of user experience.

Reach A Wider Audience With An eBay Template Design

Since the release of the very first eBay application in 2008, various versions of its apps have been created. Downloaded more than 162 million times, the eBay app has changed the way users interact with marketplaces. In January 2013, the online marketplace introduced a significant update. It gave users the ability to start and complete listings on their mobile devices, as well as their desktop computers. As a result of this improvement, the number of first-time listings on eBay has risen by 67%.*

In the first quarter of 2013, eBay gained almost 3 million new customers on their mobile platform. It is estimated that in March, the company had over 20 million mobile-only customers, and 22.2 million mobile and desktop visitors.** eBay expects that their new update for the iOS platform will further speed up the growth of mobile consumer base.

Changes To eBay's Design Makes For A More Appealing Interface

There are several improvements which have been made to the mobile eBay template design used on iOS applications. This has made changes for both iPhone and iPad users which include:

  • New shopping cart. This is one of the main improvements to the app. Aimed at creating a more convenient consumer experience, it allows the shopper to add several items from multiple sellers to the cart, and then buy them all at once.
  • New search list. They have updated their search facility with a new 'Search by the Best Offer' option. This will allow iPad/iPhone users to filter the products and offers more efficiently. iPhone users will also be able to see their search results in a table, grid or tile view.

Aside from these changes to the search facilities and shopping cart, eBay has improved the last minute bidding process for ending auctions, and enabled users to view larger images. They have also introduced editing tools for the iPad, as well as fixed any bugs in the existing eBay template design. .

Why Do You Need A Custom eBay Design Template?

The number of loyal eBay consumers is steadily increasing every day. To avoid missing out on this sales opportunity you should create a custom eBay design for your business. Not only will this help you to increase your sales, but it will promote a more professional and reliable brand.

With a custom eBay design template from e-store design, you can create a consistent brand identity across the mobile and desktop platforms. To sell more online through your eBay store, talk to our team of eBay template design experts today!

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