Do you see your eBay sales slowing down? Do you no longer attract wanted attention? Or maybe you just want to learn a few new tricks to boost your eBay effectiveness?

8 Simple Tips And Tricks To Improve Your eBay Store Presence

Customers are attracted by visually appealing content. If you want people to buy from your store, you have to provide them what they are looking for. Did you know that an appealing eBay store design can attract twice as many customers? The following tips will help you to stand out on eBay and ensure people take notice of you and your products.

  • Visual content. Make sure your eBay store design is in sync with your brand. Make sure the colours you use attract right buyers and make your content easy to read (no one wants to look at a bright yellow page for more that 5 seconds).
  • Photos and more photos. Remember people can't touch items online, that's why they need photos to help them visualise. Add self descriptive, quality photos of your products from every angle. This will also reassure customers that the item is genuine.
  • Product description. Product descriptions are as important as pictures. Too many sellers just copy the manufacturer's description or simply add a few meaningless words that tell you nothing about product. Customers want to know as much as possible about the product they are interested in so make sure you provide enough necessary information. You can also add to the customer experience by linking your products to similar items that might be of interest to him/her.
  • Keywords. Keywords are crucial if you want to rank higher on eBay. Use keywords you think people will type into search engines in order to find your eBay store and products. Under “Manage My Store" you can add keywords and keyword phrases.
  • Free delivery. Everyone loves free delivery. Many people will choose your products if you offer free delivery over buyers that don't.
  • Choose the right category. No matter what you are selling, there is a better chance your product will be found if you put it into the correct category. If you are selling shoes but put them into 'sweaters' category, no one will ever find the shoes you sell.
  • Promotional tools. There are a few eBay Auction Promotion websites that allow you to list your eBay items and store for free. E.g.,, etc. Take full advantage and drive more traffic.
  • eBay store blog. Each day pick one item from your store and describe it in your eBay blog. This provides efficient and free marketing that will help to create a buzz about your items by encouraging people to comment and interact.
  • Top Rated Seller. One of the easiest ways to get onto the top page of eBay is to become a Top Rated Seller. This shows eBay that you are credible and eager to provide top quality products and customer service.

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