Selling with eBay is a fantastic way to make money. If you're thinking about it setting up an e-store to sell products with eBay, then here are the best ways to see the cash start rolling in. Our experts at E-Store Design break it down into these 10 top tips to help you make more money when you sell with eBay.

10 Top Tips For Making More When You Sell With eBay

  1. Include a good amount of photos. An eBay customer can't physically touch your products before purchasing. Instead they must rely on the photographs you provide! Make sure offer a good amount of images, to give the view a great overall impression of your products.
  2. Give accurate product descriptions. As well as a good amount of photos make sure you provide accurate descriptions of your products. The more detailed the better! You don't want to leave a customer will a hundred questions about the products.
  3. Optimise your title. Make sure your products get seen by the right audience by incorporating popular keywords in your titles! Drop any unnecessary descriptive language and ensure you have the keywords that are most relevant to your business.
  4. Customer feedback is key. One of the most important features of your eBay shop is you customer feedback. Potential customers can be put off by low feedback rating as well as sellers with zero ratings. Boost your feedback by have a good proportion of smaller and cheaper products to sell quickly.
  5. Don't forget to self promote. Always think about ways to be promoting your eBay store. A great self promotion tip is to add discount or up and coming deal flyers with your shipped items.
  6. Know who you are selling to. You have to gain a customer's trust to buy through your page, but you also need to be comfortable with you are selling too. Change your selling preferences in the My Account page. You don't have to change the settings to an extreme, but just enough to eliminate customers who may waste your time and efforts.
  7. Give the customer the chance to return it. It might seem like added hassle, but giving the option to refund will save the inevitable feed feedback you could receive if you don't.
  8. Bundle your goods. A fantastic tip to making more money when you sell with eBay, is to group together any smaller products you have and sell them together. This is a great way to get a quicker return on those smaller and cheaper items that can be harder to shift.
  9. Always answer customer questions. Keep a customer's interest and loyalty by always replying promptly to any customer questions and enquiries. Answering is a friendly and helpful manner will help to earn your business great feeback, as well as good online experiences for you customers.
  10. Get your post out quick. If a customer pays for next-days delivery, then that is what they are going to expect. Anything less and you'll end up with an unhappy customer along with bad feedback for your business.

Professional eBay solutions from E-Store Design

Here at E-Store Design we offer professional solutions to help you get the most of your eBay store. So, if you are looking to sell with eBay and aren't sure about where to begin, then talk our expert team at E-Store Design. We have all the skills and tool to help you promote you eBay store and increase it visibility. For more information get in touch by calling 0845 050 2500.

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