Take your business to the next level with these 6 tips for enhancing your e-store design. Having a positive mindset will only take your business so far. If you want to boost those conversion rates and increase your turnover, you have to be smart with the design and function of your site. Here, our experts at E-Store Design highlight the key tips to follow and practice to avoid, for helping your achieve a better online presence for your business.

Boost Your E-Store Design With These 6 Top Tips

  1. Begin Slowly – The majority of online sellers don't have any background in business, so they start listing huge amounts of products all at the same time. You want to avoid making this mistake. The key for a successful online business is the start slow and begin with listing only a few items and then gradually add more over time.
  2. Give accurate product listings – Another common mistake to avoid when starting your business online is providing wrong or too vague product descriptions. You want to use language that is clear and won't end up confusing the customer. Having great E-store design will personlise your online store which will help boost your conversion rates.
  3. Always put the customer first – With any business, you always want to make sure that you are putting the customer first. Their online experience of your business must be top priority! All positive reviews from customer will add value to your business, so make the effort so every user clicks away happy.
  4. Provide free shipping for customers – You don't want a shipping cost to mean you start to lose customers. What's more important is that your products are delivered to their door step well package and on time. Even cutting down your shipping fee, will help your business to see a rise in conversion rates and sales.
  5. Put yourself in the customer's shoes – Make sure you understand what kind of online experience your customers what. If you put yourself in the customer's shoes, you can study the way your site performs as well as what overall experience it offers. Knowing what the customer wants is a great way to tailor your site to suit.
  6. Create a customised eBay store page – A great tip for pushing the success of your business is to set yourself apart from other sellers and create a branded store page! By doing this you are highlighting your products to a mass audience. Give your business the opportunity to reach a wider then others with e-store design that gives you customised eBay store design.

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