Did you hear about the new charging fees introduced by eBay? Whether you are an existing seller or new to eBay, the fees will affect your profit margins when selling online. If you are looking for a way to improve sales through eBay, consider professional eBay listing templates and shop designs.

How Will eBay Store Sellers Be Affected By Fees Changes

There have been many discussions and debates between sellers over the new fees introduced by eBay. Launched on the September 3rd 2013, the new fees will affect postage costs for all sellers. According to eBay, the fees on postage should level the playing field against competitors who charge for postage separately. Postage and packaging fees will affect all eBay store owners including private sellers.

For eBay store owners, if you can offer free postage on your Top Rated eBay listings, you will get a 15% discount on the final value fees charged on postage. To reduce costs, do not charge for postage separately unless you have multi-quantity or multi-SKU orders. For those selling abroad, international postage will be significantly more than domestic. This means that if your cross-border postage fees are £2,000 a month, eBay will be taking 10% from them – increasing your bill by £200 a month with no added benefits.

On the plus side, a number of eBay shops will benefit from a decrease in fees. Anchor Store subscribers will receive a £100 a month reduction in their subscription fees, and fee amendments will be valued based on buyer's total costs with P&P included.

Case Study: Choosing an Anchor or Feature Store

If you have an Anchor Store it will costs you £349.99 per month. While this offers 2,500 insertion free listings, an Anchor costs considerably more than a Featured Shop. With a Featured Shop you will get free listings in France, Italy, Spain, 200 free listings in Australia, and 500 free on eBay.com. If you are selling internationally, other countries such as Germany will cost you €0.05 (4p), which is minimal when compared to the cost difference between an Anchor and Featured store. If you decide to downgrade from an Anchor Shop to a Featured Store, your initial monthly costs will drop to £69.99 per month, saving you £280. With this massive saving, the increase in postage fees and any extra insertion fees should be covered.

How Can An eBay Shop Design Boost Your Sales

If you are looking for ways to boost your sale on eBay, talk to our team of experts at e-store design. Creating unique and professional store fronts for your business, we can design an eBay listing template that will carry your brand across the platform. Helping you to gain a competitive edge, our eBay templates can make your listings stand out from the crowd and improve sales.

If you are ready to make the most of your eBay store, talk to our team at e-store design about listing templates and store designs. For more information please call: 0845 050 2500 or email: sales@e-store-design.co.uk.

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