How many jobs can one person do? There are many operations that you do as part of a multichannel internet business that will take all day, listing hundreds of products onto your eBay Store for one thing always takes time. Order processing is another great black hole for time, pulling orders down from each and every channel, copying that into a pick list for the warehouse team and then copying the order data so that the packing team can get everything ready for shipping. Finally you'll then need to copy customer data from each channel back into your CRM and into your customer database for future marketing use.

These operations each take a long time, meaning that just to process one day's orders can take a whole day, meaning that you either have to employ a person to do each stage so that the company has time in its bank to research or expand into new directions, or you need a better way to do these jobs so that they take less time.

The Cross Channel ecommerce system from eBay Store Design is that better way. Almost every one of those actions listed above can be achieved in less than ten clicks of a mouse using our CMS, Using a pre-defined template, products can be listed on all of your channels, no need to enter them one by one ever again. Orders are pulled into the CMS directly from the channels so all orders are already collected together as they come in, making the creation of picklists, Packing lists and standard invoices an absolute doddle. With this system, one person can keep the warehouse team busy all day simply by reviewing and auctioning orders as they come in leaving them far more time to be responsible for other parts of the operation. All thanks to the Cross Channel Ecommerce Solution from eBay Store Design.

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